Learning On The Go

Zak Pinkstone via Email

Great driving instructor and teaching methods. Very friendly and chatty. Made everything very simple and easy to learn quickly and pass my test first time.

Charlotte Wright via email

Had such a good experience with Simon, I felt calm every lesson and passed easily.

Emma Brown via email

Simon is a great driving instructor, i always felt at ease whilst he was teaching me to drive, he passes his knowledge on to you in a way you can understand and is encouraging. Simon is also flexible starting my lessons from college sometimes. He wants you to do well, and i would always recommend Simon to anybody.

Mack Heathcote via email

Simon has been a brilliant driving instructor. From day one he gave me the confidence behind the wheel. He made each lesson enjoyable and fun whilst learning safely. Highly recommend him.

Georgia Behbudi via email

So happy being taught by Simon, I felt confident and ready for my test, he is very professional and friendly with his teaching. Highly recommend.

Amelia Massey via email

Great instructor I looked forward to every lesson and I feel safe driving on my own I would recommend to people.

Deborah Roberts via email.

My son was really pleased with how well he was taught to drive by Simon, he made him feel relaxed and confident. Will certainly recommend

Matthew Fahy via email

Passed my driving test with all thanks to Simon Andrew Driving Tuition. Simon gave clear instructions on how to complete the necessary manoeuvres in a safe manner and also helped me build my confidence up when learning to drive through the various stages. Thanks Simon.

Alex Chapman and Jo chapman via email

Firstly i would like to say a massive thankyou to simon for doing everything he could to help me pass first time, i would 100% recommend him to anyone who are starting their driving lessons , within the space of 4 months simon had me ready to pass my test first time thankyou 👍

Hi Simon Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and driving skills with my son Alex, he passed his driving lessons first time with your support. Whilst out driving with him ahead of passing, it was great to see his confidence and driving ability increase so quickly and that's very much down to you. Thank you once again, I would highly recommend you to others considering cost effective and highly professional driving tuition. Jo

Connie Pearson via email

Simon put me at ease straight away. As someone who hadn't driven in so long, he was extremely patient & added lots of value (even to someone who has held a licence for 10 years). Thank you for having such a calming nature & helping me to overcome my nerves! Thoroughly recommend.

Cat Jones-Morgan via email 13th nov 22

Thank you so much Simon. Honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Made me feel at ease and has a great sense of humour.
Getting into my 30s and having never driven or wanted to learn, he's helped me over come my nerves and anxiety. I'm absolutely loving my new found freedom and love of driving. Can't thank you enough. Would highly recommend!

James Reid via email 24th sept 2022

Brilliant driving instructor helped me pass my test first time with no faults. Really helpful would definitely recommend for someone who is learning to drive!

India Grogan via email 15th sept 2022

A massive thank you to Simon for helping me pass first time. He constantly taught me how to fix any mistakes I made and helped me to achieve my best. Simon knows exactly what he’s talking about and will make sure to explain it in ways that help you understand clearer and better. Honestly a huge thank you!

Louise Nolan via email 1st June 22

Can’t recommend Simon enough! Makes you feel so relaxed and puts so much effort into making you the best driver you can be! Quality driving instructor and quality humour can’t really ask for much more. Thanks again Simon!

Toni Catchpole via email 12th may 22

Having had 2 other driving instructors before Simon and failing two tests, I went into my lessons with Simon feeling nervous and deflated. Simon soon changed my outlook around and turned driving from something I dreaded into something I loved! Simon is very patient and calming and I can’t praise him enough. Great driving instructor, 100% recommend.

Bethan McGowan via google

Great driving instructor, very patient and attentive! Would highly recommend.

Chris Lilley via email 12 Aug 2020

Simon is a great driving instructor. He explains everything clearly. I passed my test first time with Simon's tuition. I would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Dom Maynard via email 6/2/20

A massive thanks to Simon! What an awesome driving instructor, cannot thank him enough. After previously failing a test I changed tutor to Simon and he brought me up to test standard and boosted my confidence to no end!

Cheers again dude, such a legend!!

Joel Donald via email 4/2/20

Simon is a great teacher, he calms your nerves and understands your strengths and weaknesses at driving. He helps your learn quickly with the best possible teaching. His teaching allowed me to pass my test first time. I highly recommend Simon as a teacher

Melissa Ball. Via email 23/1/20

Thank you so much to Simon for helping me pass my test. Before starting I was so nervous but from the very first lesson he made me feel so confident with my driving and helped me pass so quickly. If I ever got nervous he’d help me feel at ease and he’s so easy to get on with, wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Such a laugh and a nice guy. He has the patience to help you until you understand 100%, even if that means repeating himself so many times.

Tom Burns

first time. Great instructor!
from google reviews 20/11/19

Kerry Beall. via email 3/11/2019

I have always been worried about learning to drive and had my doubts about whether I would be able to even do it. Although acquiring the confidence to drive didn’t come as naturally to me as it might do for some, Simon wasn’t phased by this at all. He totally trusted and believed in me even when I doubted myself, so bit by bit he broke down my fears and barriers, by consistently telling me through his words, support and overall attitude that I could 100% drive.
I felt Simon totally invested in me and had my best interests at the forefront. Simon didn't just teach me to pass the test, he did so much more than that. He was able to make an accurate judgement on how much to challenge and push me in our lessons, in order for me to become a confident and competent driver in real life.
Simon showed genuine care, encouragement, patience, and understanding while I achieved one of my biggest milestones to date.

I can’t thank you enough.
Kerry x

Tom Holland via email 11/9/2019

Thanks for being my instructor. I'm definitely going to recommend you to others who are looking for an instructor.

Jake Hall via email 9/5/19

Thanks for everything! Really good instructor 👍🏻

Georgia Mcconnell via text Tue 19/3/19

Really really cannot thank you enough for all you have done Simon. At least 2 years you have put up with me! And supported me and guided me. When I wanted to give up you pushed me, I really am so very grateful that you put up with my constant winging and moaning. You have always managed to accommodate my shift patterns and find me slots to do my lessons. You have been patient with me, especially when I had my brain farts and tantrums. I am absolutely over the moon today and finally have that freedom! All thanks to your help. I would really appreciate if you please sent me your address so I can drop a gift off even if you aren't in I can hide it behind a bin or something!

Thanks again for everything, it's been a pleasure and I will certainly recommend you

Alex Torr via email Wed 27/02/2019

Thank you so much Simon for your excellent tuition which got me through my driving test first time. It's been an absolute pleasure , I will recommend you to anyone needing an instructor. Bye for now. Alex.

Oliver Wilks via email Tue 12/02/2019

Firstly I would like to say Thank you to Simon for his patience in assisting me to pass my driving test first time. Simon is a relaxed and easy going instructor ensuring the driver remains calm and in control. In addition to this Simon is not afraid to tell you when you do something wrong however he will explain clearly where you are going wrong, so dont be afraid to ask even if you think the question is stupid. Finally i would like to say i really enjoyed learning to drive with Simon, as i have previously said he is relaxed, easy going and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again Simon, Oliver

Harry Massey via email Sat 02/02/2019

Really good and fun instructor. Picked up from college and house depending on my lessons. Got me to pass my test 1st time with almost no issues at all. Gave really helpful information on the lesson. 100% would recommend.

Ruby Wright via email Tue 03/07/2018

Amazing driving tuition which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend. He made every lesson comfortable and I genuinely looked forward to it each week. He ensured I was confident in my driving and learnt everything that I needed to know as quickly as possible. I passed my theory and practical tests first time thanks to Simon!

James Bashford via email Wed 28-Mar-18

Simon is a great instructor who makes certain his students learn the necessary skills, attitudes and techniques that are required to become a safe and competent driver. He’s not afraid to tell you what needs to be told to put it lightly! Joking aside, a top bloke who I would certainly recommend for an enjoyable learning experience which will set you up to become a confident driver for the rest of your life.

Melanie Lancashire via email Thu 18-Jan-18

I would like to thank Simon so very much for helping me intto passing both my theory and practical driving tests first time - simon is a fantastic driving instructor and made me feel relaxed and helped with my confidence so much - I highly recommend Simon to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive !

Megan Pennington via email Wed 29-Nov-17

A massive thank you to Simon for helping me pass my theory and test first time! One of the nicest and funniest people I've met who really makes you feel relaxed when driving. He is an amazing driving instructor who made it seem so simple and had the patience to go over things I was unsure about, and I will miss my weekly lessons with him! He made the lessons enjoyable and I would highly recommend him to my friends and anyone else who wants to learn to drive. Thanks again!

Claire Murphy via email Thu 16-Nov-17

By far the best instructor ever, can't thank him enough for putting up with me and getting me through my test, never thought i would pass but he helped so much especially with calming me down when i lost my head.

Grace Bower via email Wed 02-Aug-17

Well what to say first. Simon is an amazing driving instructor, and honestly I think I will miss our hour a week driving lesson. Not only does he make driving easy and understandable but he has a great sense of humour which very quickly calms the nerves as you get into the car for the first time. From day one Simon was so helpful and reassuring which made driving a lot more enjoyable. I managed to pass both my theory and practical first time which I couldn't have done without Simon. I would like to say a huge thank you! And anyone wanting to start driving this is the man you need to see!

Amy Ditcher via email Fri 07-Jul-17

Would like to thank Simon so much for teaching me how to drive I went from not being able to drive at all to passing my test yesterday, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I managed to pass my theory and my driving test both first time and he helps you through it every step off the way. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone. Thank you

Ella Woodier via email Tue 04-Jul-17

Just want so say a MASSIVE Thankyou to Simon for helping me pass first time and making my driving experience so enjoyable! I highly reccomened Simon to anyone. He makes you feel calm during lessons and never fails to make you laugh. So once again Thankyou, I'll see you on the roads!! Yeah

Aleiah Johnson via email Thu 08-Jun-17

Simon Andrew is the best instructor ever, I failed twice before with other instructors, moved over to Simon and passed straight away, He builds your confidence on the road, and makes learning easy. I would recommend him.

Katie Griffin via email Mon 12-Dec-16

I would just like to thank Simon so much for helping me pass the first time! He has been so patient and understanding from my very first lesson all the way up to my test. He has an amazing sense of humour which makes you feel at ease and more confident when you are on your lessons. I am now not only confident in my driving but I can't wait to get my own car and finally be on the road! I am so glad I chose Simon as a driving instructor and would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Lucy Hannah Henshall via facebook 23 November 2016

Thanks to Simon Andrew Driving-Tuition for putting up with me; I know I've not been the easiest of students along the way!!! You have made me laugh amongst all the moaning and jittery nerves, which has been an big help! Happy xx

Paige Kirby via email Thu 22-Sep-16

Simon was absolutely amazing! Passed first time and so easy to get along with!! Thank you!

Reece Mullen via e mail Mon 25-Jul-16

Simon helped me to pass first time, very reliable and easy to get along with! Great prices too I would highly recommend to anyone who thinks driving will be difficult because he will show you just how easy it is.

Liam Graham via email Mon 04-Jul-16

Massive thank you to Simon, brilliant instructor and helped me pass my test with ease. Easy to get on with and makes learning to drive relaxing and comfortable, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Christopher Lloyd via email Tue 28-Jun-16

Thank you for helping me pass my test first time. A great instructor who will go through everything in detail if required.

Alex Hinselwood via email Thu 30-Jun-16

I would like to give Simon Andrew a MASSIVE THANK YOU. For helping me past my test first time! He's an excellent driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone thinking about driving lessons.

Louise Corbett via email Wed 01-Jun-16

Thank you so much to Simon for helping me pass my test. I was incredibly nervous about learning to drive but from the first lesson Simon was very helpful and supportive and gave me the confidence to pass. Both myself and my sister have passed through him and I would definitely recommend!

Charlie Kerton via email Wed 11-May-16

I went with Simon after having 4 other driving instructors and well over 50 lessons. Simon was easy to get to know and lessons were always fun. I can honestly say Simon is the best driving instructor I have had and after explaining that I was nervous about being on the roads etc, Simon reassured me and gave me the confidence that I needed not only in driving but in myself too. I would recommend Simon to any of my family and friends as he is truly a great instructor, if it wasn't for Simon I would have not passed my test! Thanks for all the help Simon!

Ella Crews via email Thu 18-Feb-16

Huge thank you to Simon for helping me pass first time. He explained everything numerous times without losing his patience and helped me feel confident straight away. His lessons are fun and never failed to make me laugh, which is a great way to put you at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Rachel Lindsey via email Wed 03-Feb-16

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me pass my test this morning! I've always loved the thought of driving and Simon made it enjoyable from my very first lesson. He explains everything so well and makes it so easy for you to understand. Simon has an amazing sense of humour and makes you feel very at ease and makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Even this morning before my test, he was still making light of my nerves and calming me down. He also helped me a lot by doing mock driving tests in the run up for the actual thing, which was a massive help despite the obvious nerves that you get when waiting to do your test. He made it very realistic so you would know exactly what to expect on the day. He's such a lovely and professional instructor and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Thank you so much Simon!

Jake Elmore via email Fri 22-Jan-16

Would like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me to pass my test first time round, Simon is an excellent teacher who makes learning to drive very easy and enjoyable! would recommend to anybody thinking of learning to drive!

Melanie Smiley via email Mon 21-Dec-15

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me to pass my driving test this morning, first time round! If it wasn't for having Simon as an instructor I don't think I would have, he was a great teacher and had the patience of a saint, definitely a perfect instructor for anyone who is nervous about learning to drive. I really enjoyed the lessons which, prior to having them, I thought I was going to dread. He didn't drag out any of the lessons and tried to get me to pass at the least possible expense which I really appreciated. I'm also very grateful that he was happy to pick me up or drop me off at different places each week depending on where I was going. I'd highly recommend Simon to anyone who is looking for an instructor. Everyone I know who has been taught by him has passed first time and only has positive things to say. Thanks for everything Simon, have a great Christmas!

Alex Margetts via email Wed 25-Nov-15

I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me pass my test 1st time today. I started learning with Simon after having quite a few lessons with another instructor, my nerves and confidence were terrible but after just one lesson with Simon I already felt so much better! He got me to be able to drive calmly and I felt like he really helped me with any silly questions I needed answering! I would 100% definitely recommend to learn with Simon, especially if you’re really nervous about driving. Thank you!!

Joshua Murray via email Wed 18-Nov-15

I thought the lessons were very good! I started off with a different instructor who didn't push me on and spent half the time in the car talking whereas with Simon I learnt a lot more in the car driving and him talking to me as we drove. He was always on time and had a set date every week for my lesson. I passed first time and with only one minor so shows how good he is and also he's a good guy.

Chelsea Wild via - email 30/6/2015

Would like to say a big thank you to simon for being a fantastic tutor. I struggle with bad nerves and simon was very patient and calm throughout my entire lessons. I had my driving test today and am pleased to say i passed 1st time. I highly recommend simon as he has made the whole of this learning experience pleasant and great fun!! Good luck for any driving test to come!!

Heather Lockwood - via website 27/11/14

Thanks to simon I passes first time, with only
two minors! I would highly recommended him to anybody. He’s been so patient and understanding. He went out of his way to fit me in, and has built my confidence as a driver. I can't explain how much I appreciated everything he has done for me! He’s such a nice guy! Thanks for everything going to miss having a lesson with him.

Kelly McLean - Stockport - via website 30/7/14

Passed my driving test first time! Didn't think I was ready as I've been a nervous learner but Simon had confidence in me and was very patient with me while I was learning. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU SIMON! I will recommend Simon to anybody.

Emma Clayton - Stockport -via website 15/5/14

Would highly recommend simon as an instructor he's a very friendly teacher. He has the patience to explain everything until you fully understand. Really encourages you and helps to build your confidence.

Katherine Briggs - Stockport -via website 7/5/14

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor to get me through my test first time! Simon took time to reassure me and to explain the various manoeuvres multiple times. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much for all your help!

Emily Lewis Dunn-Marple 13/3/2014 via email

I contacted Simon on a recommendation after one failed attempt on an intensive driving course. From day one I was impressed with his calm and relaxed attitude that put me completely at ease and helped to build my confidence. It was apparent from the beginning that Simon’s main goal was to help me to pass as quickly and safely as possible, whilst also being conscious of costs! I am now, not only confident in my driving, but also at a point where I actually enjoy it..something I didn’t think was possible, so thank you Simon!

Eva Ward - via text 16/12/14

Passed my test first time thanks to simon. He makes u feel relaxed and gives u the confidence u need. Would highly recommend him. His lesson are fun and u can have a laugh but keeping it serious as well. He makes u feel at ease with his bubbly personality thanks for helping me pass Happy

James Pountain - Marple 29/11/12 via website

I would just like to thank Simon for getting me through my test, from the very first lesson I had with him he was extremely helpful and I could tell after one lesson he was very experienced and talked me through the test situation which stood me in good stead for the real thing, I would also like to point out that during the whole time I in no way felt he was trying to fleece me of money and I could tell that his only goal was to get me passed, and did everything he could to aid that happening. I will definitely recommend him.

Luke Westall - Bredbury via facebook

I Would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Simon Andrew for getting me through my test and helping me pass first time you've been a great help and helped me conquer those nerves Happy I really can't explain how much I appreciate everything and no more having to put up with stupid responses like pressure o meter thank you again

Jake Clayton 6/3/12 via facebook

Thanks to Simon Andrew Driving-Tuition for helping me past my test and coping with me would recommend him to any one great teacher Happy