Learning On The Go

Melanie Smiley via email Mon 21-Dec-15

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me to pass my driving test this morning, first time round! If it wasn't for having Simon as an instructor I don't think I would have, he was a great teacher and had the patience of a saint, definitely a perfect instructor for anyone who is nervous about learning to drive. I really enjoyed the lessons which, prior to having them, I thought I was going to dread. He didn't drag out any of the lessons and tried to get me to pass at the least possible expense which I really appreciated. I'm also very grateful that he was happy to pick me up or drop me off at different places each week depending on where I was going. I'd highly recommend Simon to anyone who is looking for an instructor. Everyone I know who has been taught by him has passed first time and only has positive things to say. Thanks for everything Simon, have a great Christmas!

Alex Margetts via email Wed 25-Nov-15

I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me pass my test 1st time today. I started learning with Simon after having quite a few lessons with another instructor, my nerves and confidence were terrible but after just one lesson with Simon I already felt so much better! He got me to be able to drive calmly and I felt like he really helped me with any silly questions I needed answering! I would 100% definitely recommend to learn with Simon, especially if you’re really nervous about driving. Thank you!!

Joshua Murray via email Wed 18-Nov-15

I thought the lessons were very good! I started off with a different instructor who didn't push me on and spent half the time in the car talking whereas with Simon I learnt a lot more in the car driving and him talking to me as we drove. He was always on time and had a set date every week for my lesson. I passed first time and with only one minor so shows how good he is and also he's a good guy.

Chelsea Wild via - email 30/6/2015

Would like to say a big thank you to simon for being a fantastic tutor. I struggle with bad nerves and simon was very patient and calm throughout my entire lessons. I had my driving test today and am pleased to say i passed 1st time. I highly recommend simon as he has made the whole of this learning experience pleasant and great fun!! Good luck for any driving test to come!!