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Manchester's new speed cams.

Jenoptik upgrades Greater Manchester’s spot speed cameras
With the upgrade, Greater Manchester creates a network of modern spot speed cameras and makes use of the latest technology to enforce speed infringements.
Jenoptik, a leading manufacturer of smart mobility solutions, has signed a contract with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to upgrade 90 spot speed cameras and a five-year maintenance agreement. By using the latest technology, TfGM aims to create a sophisticated network of modern safety cameras to encourage better driver behaviour. The rollout will start this summer.
TfGM is upgrading its spot speed cameras with Jenoptik’s latest VECTOR SR technology. The camera system represents a move forward in technology, is ANPR-based and has the capability for 24/7 bi-directional enforcement. Unlike the existing spot speed technology, the cameras do not require in-road sensors and painted secondary check marks, and do not have a visible flash due to infra-red technology.
“We are delighted to be working with Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Police to aid in the Vision Zero approach for the area. As a company, we know that our range of enforcement solutions helps to make roads safer,” commented Jenoptik UK Sales Director John Piper. “Seeing TfGM deliver such a major technology upgrade of its roadside enforcement sends a clear signal that those with a responsibility to deliver safer roads see just what a difference these cameras make.”
Superintendent Gareth Parkin of Greater Manchester Police’s Safer Transport Team said: “The new and upgraded speed cameras across the city-region will ensure that drivers adhere to road speeds and do not engage in reckless or anti-social driving”.
Most of the cameras are located on Bee Network active travel routes, which is composed of bus, tram, cycling and walking routes and help keep cyclist and pedestrians safe.
Greater Manchester’s Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey said: “A key part of being able to adopt the Vision Zero approach is being able to tackle road crime effectively and speeding is one of the leading causes of death and serious injury on Greater Manchester’s roads.”
As well as upgrading spot speed cameras, Transport for Greater Manchester is also planning to introduce average speed camera checks in the second phase of its enforcement upgrades.
The VECTOR SR is an approved fully self-contained traffic enforcement system used to capture spot speed or red light and speed-on-green offences. Because of its lightweight design it can be installed on a wide array of columns and mounting positions, making it suitable for urban, rural and highway implementations.
Picture credit – Jenoptik