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Its all about the firewalls

Third party booking sites
NASP complained about the use of third party booking sites that appeared to be able to find and book tests before instructors and the general public. This is putting an unnecessary strain on instructors and causing many candidates to accept a test with no consultation with their instructor and consequently attempting the test in their own car with very little professional training. NASP urged DVSA to implement measures to stop this happening.
DVSA is aware of this and discussions were ongoing with DVSA’s firewall supplier to introduce new rules to challenge these sites, and stated that there is a gradual reduction in the level of searches people can make without impacting normal bookings. Companies are constantly finding ways round any blocks we implement to get tests. DVSA also pointed out that some instructors may be misusing and if that was found to be true, the Registrar could take some action. NASP requested that DVSA issue communications to explain the situation to instructors.

Who are NASP?
The National Associations Strategic Partnership is a representative body focused on promoting the interests of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). It is formed of representatives of the three main membership associations for driver trainers in the UK. Our aim is to protect and promote the interests of professional drivers trainers and help support the profession in its goals to improve driving standards and road safety in the UK.