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August 2019

Updates to the Highway Code Aug 19

Annex 7. First aid on the road
Changed the information on cooling burns for at least 10 minutes to say they should be cooled for at least 20 minutes, following advice from the British Burn Association.
25 July 2019
published amendments

Motorways (253 to 273)
Updated rule 258 to clarify that if red lights flash on a signal and a red “X” is showing, you must not drive in the lane shown as closed beyond the signal. This applies until you pass another signal indicating that the lane is no longer closed. Added wording to say that if red lights flash on a signal in the central reservation or on the side of the road and lane closed sign is showing, you must not go beyond the signal in any lane
21 March 2019
published amendments

Using the road (159 to 203)
Updated rule 160 to make it clear that you should ride with both hands on the handlebars where possible.

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